Advantages of APP:

1. Accurate

1) App is actively downloaded by the user in the app store, and the user's download behavior is first based on the interest in the app content.

2) Most apps have social sharing capabilities that can further aggregate similar groups.

2. Strong interaction

1) App provides a richer form of expression than previous media, and the touch screen of smart devices has achieved an unprecedented interactive experience.

2) By embedding a social platform inside the app, user interaction and word-of-mouth communication can be realized, thereby enhancing user loyalty.

3. Innovation

In the era of mobile internet, App is designed to take into account the user experience, and combines the characteristics of mobile devices (such as camera functions, positioning functions, sensors, etc.), and the novel features are more attractive to users.

4. Super user stickiness

Nowadays, no matter where you go, mobile phones don't leave. When you have time, you can take your mobile phone out and play it, even if you go to the toilet. App preemption is the user's fragmentation time. As long as the user does not actively delete, the app will remain in the user's mobile phone, and you have the opportunity to continuously disseminate information to the user.

APP's disadvantages:

1. High maintenance cost: Android and IOS are developed independently, and it is relatively troublesome to maintain;

2, the retention rate is low: the frequency of APP opening largely determines its retention rate, and may be uninstalled soon if it is not used frequently;

3, the promotion cost is high: APP does not have a certain reputation, the cost of promotion is high, and the cost of obtaining customers is high;

4. Uploading the APP path is complicated: uploading to the APP requires confirmation by the store or the application market.

Have you noticed that the people around you are spending more time and money on their mobile phones, have you noticed that no matter whether it is in the elevator or on the newspaper bar or in the supermarket, more and more QR codes appear in front of ordinary people?

The times are changing, we can't avoid it. Under such an era, enterprises can better expand the market after adopting APP, and enhance their own development space in the market.

First, how to build APP

At this stage, different enterprises in the self-built APP, mainly based on their own future market strategic planning and the actual situation of the enterprise to make trade-offs, APP mobile terminal such marketing and promotion methods occupy a great significance in the long-term value of the enterprise, and also It is directly related to the promotion, marketing and operation of the company in the future development.

Enterprise APP products have become an indispensable symbol for enterprises in the Internet era. More and more traditional enterprises are habitually emphasizing such APP development as a display window of brand image or corporate image while deeply embracing the Internet.

Second, APP can bring advantages to enterprises

After the development of such an APP, enterprises can better display the corporate culture, image and product information in a comprehensive way for the society and the consumer group. Only one APP can be used to put all the promotion information of the enterprise into it. At the time, the use of two-dimensional code for publicity has achieved an advantage of low cost, wide coverage, and higher network marketing efficiency.

Third, APP achieves a bridge of communication between enterprises and users

The APP developed by the team can build different functions, such as querying business information, sending text messages, and dialing directly, so that consumers can be more convenient in the process of use, and use the most intuitive method to purchase relevant information and truth. User data is submitted to the enterprise.

This will enable the company to further understand the user's ideas and wishes, respond to the market and consumer groups in a timely manner, so that the corporate image and service quality can be improved and optimized, and then won the praise of consumers.

The advent of the Internet has left many traditional enterprises unprepared, and the use of platform APP development allows you to have more marketing advantages in such a market and occupy a larger market share!